I mean, I guess?

Not much has been happening, other than juggling visiting family members and looking after Tag.

Yep, the boy is still kicking. I took him to the vet for a checkup, just to get the “status of things.” I admit, the visit was more for me. I can’t tell how much the tumor has grown or how much pain it could be causing him, so I needed to know. Especially after my brother notes how different he seems. I think it was honestly a little to do with him and my mother taking up a chunk of his space for three days. His behavior has slowly changed, which is normal, but only a bit. He’s still eating, seeking me out, and generally acting okay. No blood or drool, which is good because I’d rather avoid that.

I had a “duh” moment, because when I told the vet that he’s a lot less playful, she pointed out that it likely has to do with the fact that he can feel the tumor in his mouth so therefore he doesn’t want to play with toys using his mouth. He used to love hunting and catching toy mice and bringing them to me. He hasn’t done that in months. WHY I didn’t make that connection between biting the toy and his tumor, I don’t know. Moment of Stupid for me.

Also news to me, was that I shouldn’t use his desire to eat as a gauge for how he’s doing. I figured once that goes down, it’ll be a signal that he’s done. The vet pointed out that cats’ desire to eat is quite strong, so they’re willing to eat even when their mouth hurts. Soooo that’s out the door.

His tumor had only grown a small amount, so it’s not significantly affecting his bite quite yet, and he’s still hanging out with me. So I’d say we’re halfway there, and by “there” I mean to the saying goodbye point.

God this sucks.


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