Yikes (and in which I tell you I have a new toy)

Seems like whenever I post one of those woe-is-I, sad-bastard posts I get the most traffic. 

Which means either people like my sad writing, or they’re laughing at me.


I can run in shame and pretend like the past few months haven’t been as rough as they have, or I can own up to being down and honest about feeling my way through things. Still, it can make one quite self-conscious. 



Anyway, I’d like you all to know that this is being typed out on my brand, spankin’ new iPad. I got the standard “iPad 2017”, which is really just an Air 2 in a more solid casing, I guess. I would have loved the iPad Pro, for its fancy keyboard case and optional future space pen, but really, what would I use it for other than to draw dicks and message them to people?

Plus, most sites said it’s due for an update soon, and I’m notorious for buying things that get an upgraded version literally the next week. 

This version was highly recommended on numerous sites, and I opted for the Smart Cover, and added a Bluetooth keyboard that should easily fit into any kind of sleeve with the iPad. And as you can see, it works well! Unless this is actually in Klingon. Please someone alert me if that is the case.

Yes, I just might regale you with more tales of sad feels from my bed with this thing. I bet you can barely contain yourself. 

The biggest, most important point is this: I can watch my goddamn HBO on this thing.

Happy Monday, mofos.


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