Texts I never sent

Ever do this? Want to send someone a message that may be too much, but you need to get it out of your system so you note it down somewhere else? I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Knowing me, that’ll take up volumes. Apparently someone beat me to it and created a Tumblr for the same topic. It’s a good thing I don’t understand Tumblr (and that I have no desire to take submissions from hormonal teens–I am enough on my own). 

My therapist reminds me that I can do this: write down texts or letters to people you don’t intend to send, but as a way to get things out of your system. Sometimes people may decide to send them, but for me it’s a way to vent emotions that, if expressed, would cause unnecessary issues between me and that person. Or the person isn’t equipped to process those things appropriately because of their own issues. It’s…interesting. Will be more interesting to see as more time passes. I’ll let you know if it helps too. I think it’s too soon to tell, other than keeping me from sounding like a psycho hose beast. ☺️

Do you do this? Care to share examples?

I feel a little vulnerable about mine so far, but I may share any letter if they’re more ambiguous.


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