What is wrong with me?

In short, not much.

QUICK UPDATE POST TIME. My sad-bastard post that I’ve since made private may have made you think otherwise. I was coming off of a trip that was short and packed with too much information and too many people. Flight issues made it take even longer to get home. The conference was helpful, but left me feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do/should do as a tech writer in my organization. And as the sole tech writer, it all falls on me. To top it off, I’m still working through a lot of emotional shit, and when I get overwhelmed, it all becomes exaggerated. Be patient; I’m getting there.

Days later, I’m feeling better, but still overwhelmed. I’ve decided that I need to purchase a new tablet, and even that has become an insurmountable task. Why? Too many options, combined with fear of buyer’s remorse. If I get the cheap Amazon Fire HD, will I regret not shelling out more for the iPad? If I get the iPad, will I use it enough to make it worth the extra money? To quote Pee-Wee Herman: “I. DON’T. KNOW!”

At least lunch was an easy decision. The poutine truck was nearby.

In other news, I’ve come to the conclusion that my still-living cat, Tag, is not a good candidate to introduce to a new buddy. He may have been with his litter mate since birth (RIP Java Bean), and lived with other cats, but every other animal I’ve seen him around has brought on a severely territorial reaction. He lunged at an outdoor cat that visited my porch the other night, almost taking out the screen door, which resulted in a bite to my hand when I pulled him away. (Heat of the moment—do not interrupt berserker cat!) So it’s just me and Ginger Grumpface. He’s definitely becoming grumpier in his old age. Still sweet to everyone, just a little more crotchety.

What else is happening?  Nothing too exciting. Gaming. Finishing projects. Planning to paint my coffee table. Preparing (dreading?) a visit from the parental units in May.

I’m planning another post about how I notice that my anxiety is changing. There are different patterns and how I react is shifting. Not necessarily a good thing, but I’m glad I’m totally aware of it. No? Not exciting? Then get bent.

Ok, love you, bye.


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