What I loved this week

Time for another disjointed and nonsensical post!  Since the first three days of this week were hell and I barely made it out without burning down a building, I thought I’d write about the few things I’ve enjoyed this week.


Gudetama. Sometimes, all we need is a distraction. An adorable and silly distraction. Japanese culture excels at creating cute characters, even when they don’t make much sense. Gudetama is a lazy egg. With buttcheeks. That should be enough to love, right? If not, they make cute short animations with him and a fun little song. Still weird? Ok, I can let it go. I dunno, maybe because I’ve been having such a crap time, watching something like that is comforting and an escape. Gudetama’s appeal is in part because of his personality. I’m in a position to encourage my inner Gudetama by not putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect. To relax and chill out. To be in the moment. To start to sound like an obnoxious life coach…wait no. Anyway. Speaking of escapes, that brings me to the next item…

Lolly Willowes, by Sylvia Townsend Warner. I’ve been reading this book, purchased with my Book of the Month Club membership. Published in the mid-1920s (I think), it’s described as a pre-cursor to Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own. It follows the life of an unmarried woman at the turn of the 20th century, and how she’s treated as a burden on the family, yet a burden that is still not allowed to do her own thing and be independent. Unmarried women were expected to live with family members and help with housekeeping. I’m sure more of the less affluent women worked, but Lolly is from a wealthy family, so gods forbid she ever lift a finger. Lolly, after almost 40 fucking years of pretty much being her brother and sister-in-law’s free nanny and assistant housewife, has an epiphany, and says, “Dude, I’m not happy. This existence has *never* made me happy. Where are these beech leaves from? Bumfuck Nowhere? Sweet, sign me up. PEACE.” …or something like that. She gets her own place in the country, and realizes how amazing it is to take her life into her own hands…until her nephew is like, “hey, I wanna do this too!” and invades her space. Then she makes a pact with the devil. NBD, right? That’s where I left off…it does take a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy turn outta nowhere. BUT, I have related to the part of the story of discovering that you’re not happy, and then taking charge and starting a personal journey on your own terms—my move from Cleveland to D.C., specifically. I believe the message is, “Doing your own thing is best, even if you have to make a deal with the devil.” Right? That’s why I’m gonna live forever, ’cause Big Red told me so.

live forever

Knitting. Still knitting the never-ending scarf and dreaming of more projects. Taking FOR-EV-ER. Still, good bubblegum for the brain, as my friend describes it.

Kitty-face. Cats are always a comfort, and my guy Tag is awesome. He’s dealt with losing his brother so well. My only issue is that he no longer stays in bed with me at night, which makes me sad. Java was a super snuggler that loved bedtime. Tag will make visits but otherwise stays out in the living room and waits for the neighborhood outdoor cat to visit. Then they yell and scream at each other and I awake to find him at full poof. Cats are strange—they’re so interested in each other, yet they hate each other so much.  Wait…most humans are like that, too. Nevermind. Nevertheless, we continue to get used to our “new normal” and sometimes he purrs so hard he drools on me. Never change, Tag.

The weather. I know, it’s a sign of our impending dystopian future, but if it had been snowing and freezing these past few months, I don’t think I’d have been able to get through them. And it’s supposed to snow next week. But that’s okay, I can take a little. But I swear to god if it sticks around….that smoke you see over the horizon was from me.


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