Some things about stuff

Here are some words about things in my head that I can’t be bothered to make an entire post for:

  • I didn’t go to women’s march on Washington, and I live in the immediate area. Half of me feels like a failure as a woman. The other half is still a warrior and proud so many others went when I wasn’t feeling up to it. With all those who went, they honestly didn’t need me anyway! I still want to find ways to help the cause, but it simply wasn’t happening for me last Saturday. As previously noted, my mood still isn’t great, so I opted to wear my pink hat while I worked on the butt print in my couch and cuddled Ginger Cat (real name: Tag). Still feel a bit guilty, and have a bit of past FOMO, but it is what it is.
  • Who is this Sean Spicer guy and why is he so condescending? New word: Spicersplaining.
  • Is this seriously the reality we are currently living in? Where’s the loophole to the alternate (and far more reasonable) timeline.
  • Alternate timelines remind me: Chuck Tingle’s recent Reddit AMA gave me life. (WARNING: If you’re unfamiliar with Chuck Tingle, it’s NSFW humor and satire. Basically this pseudonymous guy who writes erotic dinosaur fiction and is funny. I have never, and likely won’t, read his actual books. However, the persona is comedy gold.)
  • If you’ve read my posts and I don’t know who you are, introduce yourself. If I do know you, comment with a fart joke.
  • Can I go home now?

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