First post: sorry if it’s a downer

I’ve blogged before. It always ended after a while. I’d lose momentum, go off-topic from what I believed was the ultimate “purpose” of my blog. Or, posts would become negative and I’d bum myself out and quit. That’s what it comes down to: I’m a quitter!

By the name of this blog, you can guess that it’s in some way about mental health. I’d stop at saying that’s the impetus behind starting to write again. I’ve always had anxiety and depression, and for about the past month have found myself in a bit of a mild depressive episode. When I realize my pants are becoming loose because I’m “just not hungry,” I have to face the facts that this kind of thing happens when I’m in one of my “mood valleys,” if you could call it that.

So. I admitted to myself I was down, talked to people about it, and was once again reminded that writing helps. Oh yeah and I reread a lot of Jenny Lawson’s posts on depression at The Bloggess and felt inspired. Not like, oh-I’m-thrilled-she-also-feels-down inspired, but I see how beautifully she writes about it, deals with it, and faces it head on with honesty. It’s always good to have a reminder that this shit is temporary and we can ride it out together.

And here I am, to write the blues away. That said, not everything will be exactly mood or depression or anxiety focused. I might write 200 words about my butt for all you know. I think whatever comes out of my fingertips, it’ll be worthwhile. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “First post: sorry if it’s a downer

  1. Hope you don’t mind my jumping on board the ‘Writing the Blues Away’ train. I am a habitual blog quitter, who has started and deleted so many blogs that I have lost count. Like you I too fall into “mood valleys” and love reading Jenny Lawson’s books and blog! Love your blog title!
    Take care. Wanda

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